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Ars Asiatica

The museum of Oriental Art, Moscow

Наталья Сычёва




The remarkable collections of the museum serve as a basis for scholarly research, exhibitions and the popularization of works therein preserved. A part of the exhibits is permanently on display in the museum, while the rest are shown from time to time in temporary exhibitions. The museum's entire activity is devoted to the wide popularization of the classical heritage of Oriental art, of the modern multinational culture of the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Kazakhstan, and of the work of progressive Oriental artists beyond the Soviet frontiers as an alienable part of the world's artistic culture.

Издание на английском языке представляет собой обзор предметов изобразительного искусства и ручных изделий Азии и Африки из собрания музея. Представлены ювелирные украшения, картины, ковры, изделия из камня, дерева, металла, керамики.